Frequently Asked Questions

The ski gym is a new concept and we get some funny looks when we start talking about it. So here it is, everything you've wanted to know.
What is Synthetic Snow?
Synthetic snow refers to technology that has been in use in the U.K. (where they are called "dry slopes") and other place for more than 40 years. It is meant to create the same experience as skiing on natural snow, and the newest products on the market are actually very good.
What is a ski gym?
A ski gym combines an indoor synthetic slope with a full service fitness facility, for year around skiing and fitness in any weather, all under one roof and one membership. It's such a great combination, in fact, that Urban Snow may be the last gym membership you ever buy.
Do I have to know how to ski or snowboard?
Whether you are an experienced rider or have never set foot on a slope before, we've got you covered. Urban Snow will have lessons and clinics, equipment rental, and a beginners area to help you learn the sport. It will be the most convenient and ffordable way to learn, and when you do get up to the mountains you'll have a much better time because you'll be ready.
Will it be cold?
Synthetic snow does not require a cold environment or expensive refrigeration equipment. We plan to keep the facility around a cool 60 - 65 degrees.
Is special equipment needed?
You can bring your standard ski and snowboard equipment. We will also offer rental gear.
Can I take lessons?
Yes, we plan to have lessons and clinics for all levels.
Does it hurt to fall?
Our synthetic slope will have a layer of padding to absorb energy and cusion falls. The surface can be a little abrasive so we will require long pants and long sleeves, and gloves. Just like riding on a mountain, you should always wear a helment.
Can I rent equipment?
Yes we will have complete rental setups for skiers and snowboarders.
What does it cost?
Urban Snow will be priced competitively with other gyms. Day passes will also be available.
Is Urban Snow open all year round?
We will be open morning, afternoon, and evening, seven days a week, all year long. Closed on certain holidays.
What age do you have to be?
We are looking to accomodate all ages, from toddlers to seniors. We will have different slopes for different abilities.
Will you offer private events?
We are currently focused on building a great experience for our community. Eventually we will offer private events.

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Photos by Jack Tompkins
and Harrison Atwood